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Who am I ?

Julien Defourny, Explore-Togeth’Earth

Belgian adventurer- film maker – photographer

For 4 years, Julien travels the Americas without any motor. 47,000 kilometers by bike, on foot or by canoe to go out to meet the world.

It is  all his concern for our future that pushed him to film and photograph. Concerned about climate change, he initially wanted to document its consequences around the world.

In the course of this adventure, the encounters change his vision of the world and challenge his beliefs. His journey takes a new breath, he lets himself be guided by the voices of the Americas, those of the earth and its living beings.

Today, these voices still vibrate in him. Julien feels each species as a musical note. In a perfect symphony, the world offered him its most beautiful show, the harmony. A virtuous balance between human beings, biodiversity and nature.

Through his works, Julien takes us to the heart of this balance carrying a message: “It is never too late to be part of this union and to be once again the artists of this world”.


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