Le Ravito

Le  Ravito  in a few  words. 

Le Ravito is a friendly and professional team settled in Visé (Belgium). The concept is very original: You bring your bike for a repair; meanwhile, you have the opportunity to drink whatever you want at the bar of the shop. Le Ravito offers also a wide range of bikes, accessories etc… We invite you to have a look to their website.

Our experience with   le Ravito 

We have spent a lot of time with the team. Jean-Philippe and Ulrich helped us to choose the most convenient parts for our long journey, they also took the time to explain us how to assemble a bike. Furthermore, they decided to grant us a sponsor in offering a discount on the three bikes. We are very grateful for their work. We invite you to have a look to our article «the assembly of our bikes” and you will understand that is was already a real adventure before the departure!.


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