“Homo Sapiens is a very strange animal. He shaped the world according to his vision, worshipping an invisible god and destroying a visible nature, without realizing that the nature he destroys is the god he worships.”

For 4 years, I took the time to get involved in people lifes, native communities and to take a deep interest in them. Through my photos, I have forgotten the notion of time, to describe with the greatest honesty, the reality of this world, of our humanity.

Many times, on this journey, I have listened to the stories of people who have never really been able to speak about their life to anyone. By my natural personality, I felt into communion with the others. There are strong, admirable, painful life stories. Some of these stories have changed the way I am, the way I see life.

I received the deepest answers about our humanity by meeting these humans, who still live in close symbiosis with their environment. Listening to nature, they are messengers for humanity. Their daily actions have shown me that the balance on earth is only possible through union and mutual aid between humans.

I touched the world with my fingertips, I smiled at millions of people, shook hands and spoke to thousands. I observed, wrote, absorbed stories that have changed me forever. Stories with significant messages which could make the humans realize that nature is our best friend.

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I am here to advise you in the choice of paper, format, lamination etc…. Advice adapted to your desires and expectations.  Feel free to contact me by E-mail:

  • Each photograph is delivered with its story.
  • The photographs are printed on high quality Fine Art paper.
  • The prints are made on inkjet printers, allowing to make high quality prints.
  • Possibility to protect each photo from the wear of time and UV rays
  • The formats of the photos are numerous and vary between 20X30 cm to 100×150 cm.
  • Possibility to frame or laminate each photo on different supports.
  • Exclusive prints on canvas, chromaluxe aluminium, wood, pure glass.

Interested in one of these pictures, please contact me.