In communion with nature and the elements, I have observed wildlife in all its forms and states. Biodiversity is for me, the most beautiful richness that the earth has provided us.

Alone with the beings around me, like one of the other animals, I found this wild side that is now forgotten. It made me understand that humans are not the only ones with feelings and intelligence. Wildlife has shown me several times that despite the lack of words, we can understand and learn from each other.

Beyond observation, wildlife has sent me many messages of love and respect. By simply crossing our eyes, we knew that our meeting would not produce evil. Wildlife involves respect for others, for the living world.

If humans could sit down for a moment, taking the time to observe it, he could certainly find inspiration in wildlife. The one of introspection, leading to the questioning of his own existence.

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I am here to advise you in the choice of paper, format, lamination etc…. Advice adapted to your desires and expectations.  Feel free to contact me by E-mail: cycling.togethearth@gmail.com

  • Each photograph is delivered with its story.
  • The photographs are printed on high quality Fine Art paper.
  • The prints are made on inkjet printers, allowing to make high quality prints.
  • Possibility to protect each photo from the wear of time and UV rays
  • The formats of the photos are numerous and vary between 20X30 cm to 100×150 cm.
  • Possibility to frame or laminate each photo on different supports.
  • Exclusive prints on canvas, chromaluxe aluminium, wood, pure glass.

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