CDJ Les Rawiès Vaux-sur-Sûre

CDJ Les Rawiès in a few words . 

This association of young people from Vaux-sur-Sûre municipality is dedicated to carry out some events within the municipality. A team of young volunteers, which also contribute  to11188156_906947802681293_8609440289568764238_n the municipality cleanliness as well as the preservation of environment. Recently, they launched the operation “Be Wapp”, which consisted to collect  rubbishes all around the municipality. As a result : they got a full trailer of rubbishes. Congratulation for the effort. An example that should follow  all the municipalities .

Our experience  with   CDJ Les Rawiès 

Laurent knows some people from this association. They decided to donate an important amount for our expedition. We thank them a lot for their solidarity and we hope that they will follow our adventures from November.


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