water motorbike

It is in Campinas, not so far from Sao Paulo, that we meet Ricardo Avezedo. The inventor of the motorbike which is working with water. In fact, not exactly with water but with hydrogen.

A prototype which has cost 5000 USD and needed 3 years of research. The water, which can be clean, contaminated, salted etc… is poured in a tank. Then it follows the path into the installation to be converted in hydrogen.  The most impressive is the ratio distance/water used. According to Ricardo calculations, the motorbike is able to do 500 kilometres with ONLY 1 litter of water. 500 clean kilometres, without any CO2 emission.


It is without any doubt the motor of the future and we would like to say of the present. Just a problem: Ricardo does not find any sponsorship to launch his product. By the way, when we arrive to his house, the motor is already uninstalled. In fact, following a forced move, he stays without any safe place to park his motorbike. Thus, Ricardo had to disassemble the system. Set it up again is expensive and without any economic help, it sounds complicated.

As said Ricardo : “The petrol era is ended, we have to invest in new energies. Our world is evolving and we have change our lifestyle”

11060172_853443524739007_5761029008298942883_oHydrogen motor 

It looks like our world governed by financial powers and multinational remains with the mentality form the Stone Age. Nowadays, we continue to extract fossil fuels, which push the economy into the hole, but also deforest, pollute our waters, the atmosphere, destroy the biodiversity …. The list is very long.

Thus, today, we have the proof that others solutions are possible, but who will have the bravery to invest in some projects better to improve our world?

If you have the answer, you can directly get in touch with Ricardo Avezedo.