WWF in a few  words 

WWF is one of the most extended and popular international organizations in nature  preservation . Their network is composed of more than 90 offices in 65 countries.

WWF was born in 1961 .  Nowadays, it carries out more than 1300 projects all around the world

Their goal  :

WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature

Our  principles

  • be  global, independent, multicultural
  • Use the most reliable and recent  Scientifics information to evaluate each problem and to find some solutions in establishing the dialog
  • To build some preservation solutions  through  a combination  of : on the field projects ,  political initiatives ,  capacities  Strengthening and educational work
  • To involve local communities and indigenous populations in the development of the projects. The priority is to respect their culture and their economic needs
  • To operate on the most efficient way in regards to the cost, and to use the donators funds with the best transparency
Our mission with WWF

On the road, We will meet some projects carried out by WWF. The Projects  will have a link with environment, ecosystems, indigenous populations and biodiversity  preservation. Some varied encounters full of knowledge, which will allow us to get a global view on the future of our planet. The projects will be illustrated through our pictures, videos and movie of the expedition.


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